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  • Therapeutic Bodywork & Massage

    This category is for treatment geared to your specific needs. I apply different techniques according to your input and/or history. 
  • Pregnancy / pre-natal massage

    If during the first trimester, please confirm that you can receive massage therapy, as per your doctor.
  • Somatic Movement Therapy

    If you wish to resolve an acute or chronic condition your body is experiencing, Somatic Movement Therapy offers the necessary awareness to elicit lasting changes, either in and of itself or along with massage and/or stretching.
  • Active Isolated Stretching

    This highly effective method of stretching can be more remedial than the soft tissue manipulation obtained in massage.  A combination may be indicated, depending on specific conditions of muscles, tendons, ligaments and overall movement patterns.  This is particularly advised for sports-persons.

    These sessions are free if taken in addition to other sessions above.